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Welcome to Delaware Otolaryngology Consultants, LLC in Lewes

Welcome to Delaware Otolaryngology Consultants, LLC in LewesWelcome to Delaware Otolaryngology Consultants, LLC in Lewes

From the Doctor's Desk

About Us


At Delaware "ENT" consultants we treat a wide variety of diagnoses related to the ear, nose, and throat such as:

  • ear infections
  • sinusitis
  • allergies
  • sleep apnea
  • tracheotomy management
  • head and neck cancer
  • dysphagia and hiatial hernia
  • salivary and thyroid gland disease
  • throat problems
  • vestibular problems
  • hearing loss
  • tinnitus


Our staff is experienced, highly trained and committed to being patient, compassionate and taking the time for you to explain your problem and receive options for treatment.


Our Mission

We here at Delaware Otolaryngology Consultants are committed to providing the best general otolaryngology, allergy, audiology, and aesthetic skin care services possible in a comfortable and family-oriented atmosphere. We have over twenty years' experience and pride ourselves on offering the safest and most up to date treatments available to our patients and families are always welcome! Delaware Otolaryngology Consultants, LLC in Lewes

Our Offerings



We treat ear, nose, throat, neck, skin, breathing, hearing and balance, allergy, reflux, voice, sleep apnea, tinnitus and head and neck cancer problems. We also offer comprehensive skin care for the management of sun damage, along with Botox, Juvederm, Kybella, and selected facial cosmetic procedures.    

Vestibular and Balance

Falls and balance problems have become a leading cause of disability, fractures, hospitalizations and even loss of life among our older adult population. After consultation with Dr. Duncan, our trained & certified staff will perform complete vestibular diagnositc testings.  Treatment and followup of progress will occur.   

Environmental Allergy Services

After consultation with Dr. Duncan, allergy testing will be performed to include blood or skin testing for environmental and food allergies.  The severity of allergies is determined in both children and adults, along with the dose of serum that is needed. Dr. Duncan will then determine your treatment plan. We offer allergy shots and sublingual drops (taken orally).  We can assist you with creating food diaries and rotation-elimination diets to manage food allergies.  We can also consult regarding environmental contaminants which can cause breathing and health problems at home.  

Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

Dr. Duncan will first take your history and address any medical ear problems.  Following that, a thorough hearing test will be performed by our Audiology staff.  If hearing aids are indicated, you will be fit in an expert manner.  We offer major brands such as Audina, along with our own CleeR Brand hearing aid.  On vacation and your hearing aid breaks?  Don't stress. We also offer repairs, replacements and a variety of hearing aid batteries for your convenience.  


Allergy Testing and Treatment

Sublingual Immunotherapy

  • Features allergy drops sprayed under the tongue daily--injections not required
  • Typical course 3-4 years
  • Safe, reliable
  • We use results of SET skin testing to mix your unique serum

Standard Allergy Injections

  • Features allergy serum injected into the skin 1 or more times per week
  • Typical course 3-5 years
  • We use results of SET skin testing to mix your unique serum


Skincare and Aesthetics Services


Our Mission

To provide the highest quality and most effective skin care and aesthetics services possible in a comfortable and relaxed setting.

Our Vision

Since 1995, Dr. Duncan has provided safe, effective, and comfortable skin care services, products, and procedures, and was one of the first aesthetics surgeons to introduce the med-spa concept. Her vision was to be able to offer minimally invasive but maximally effective products and procedures. Thanks to today's technology, she can now offer most services with essentially no down time

We start with a skin evaluation and skin history. Diet, family history of skin cancer, prior sun exposure, social habits, prior product usage, and results of other treatments are addressed. We consider, test, and treat food and environmental allergies that can cause skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and eczema.  Using your preferences and our findings, we design a skincare regimen for you.

Our Services

Skin care services, a range of skin products which treat acne, rosacea, premature aging and sun damage, peels ranging from superficial rejuvenation to deep resurfacing, injectables and our Liquid facelift which features a combination of injectables such as Botox and Juvederm, facial implants, conservative facial rejuvenation surgery such as lid or brow lift and our own weekend facelift, fat reduction, and more ...

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